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I've been running a web site for the SPPC (the Symposium of Palaeontological
Preparation and Conservation) which runs alongside the SVPCA here in the UK.
I'm trying to develop it as a resource for preparators as well as reporting
on and supporting the symposium, and it struck me recently that some of the
dialogue on this web ring on preparation techniques would be of interest to
a wider audience.
I've added a page to the site called 'Materials and Methods' which draws on
this and other sources (http://www.preparator.org/comments.htm) which groups
under subject headings some of the emails exchanged on this site in the
If anyone has any objections to my using their words in this way, please let
me know and I'll remove them from the site. If anyone has anything else they
would like to add to the dialogues, I'll be happy to do so.

Richard Forrest