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FW: Notes from the under-matrix.

Allan Smith had accidentally sent this to me only, and later asked that
I forward it to the list.

Allan Edels 

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Let me first start by saying that I am the LEAST qualified person to
talk to 
this issue, however, I have a very good cast of AMNH 1942 and have been 
looking at it under every possible light. I have not been able to find
traces of babies so far... still looking though. I do realize that many
the stains that David is referring to were not correctly painted onto
cast, making identification from that standpoint impossible.

There are several very unique raised surfaces that "could" possibly
a form still buried within the matrix, but again this is only a cast.

Something I have always found unique about this specimen is that it
at least seven  small starfish surrounding the specimen. Pretty cool

Allan D. Smith
Fossilsmith Studios

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