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Fwd: Re: New Study, T rex Could've Been A Scavenger

Personally, i think this study has many, many flaws. It's highly improbable that Tyrannosaurus had a reptilian metabolism, and we will never know whether Hell Creek had prey concentrations & populations close to that of the Serengeti. We shall always have to consider that every mammalian carnivore today is a predator to some extent. Even the obligate scavengers, vuiltures and condors, will kill small prey like antelope fawns, turtle hatchlings and other vulnerable animals. We should think that Tyrannosaurus would most likely be a highly opportunistic carnivore. Besides, I do not think that the dromaeosaurs of the Late Cretaceous were so large and /or numerous to pose a significant threat to adult ceratopsians, ankylosaurs and hadrosaurs.

So I think we shouldn't pay any attention to this study. The only thing that worries me is how people like Jack Horner (no offence to him, but I think he's taken this scavenger theory a bit too far), the mass media and those C-people (u know, those who think, differently from us) may invoke this study to brainwash a new generation of dinosaur-lovers.

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