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Re: putative Javelina T.rex specimen

Posted for Chris Brochu.

In a message dated 3/28/2003 9:00:08 AM Eastern Standard Time, 
jonathan.r.wagner@mail.utexas.edu writes:

<< About a decade ago, a paper on variation in T. rex stated that TMM 41436-1 
belonged to a different taxon as the specimen indicated a much shorter face 
than in T. rex. More recently, C. Brochu suggested TMM 41436-1 is T. rex after 
all. What is the truth?>>

< From what I recall of HP Brochu's comments, he was MUCH less decisive in his 
assessment. Something like "it could be T. rex." >

That's not entirely what I said:

"Carpenter (1990) argued that the Texas specimen (TMM 41436-1, an isolated left 
maxilla) lies outside the range of shape variation for T. rex, but the 
morphology of the promaxillary foramen and the number of teeth are both 
consistent with T. rex (pers. obs.).  If it is a different species, it is a 
close relative."

In other words, it's either T. rex OR a close relative.