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Darren Naish wrote-

> Yates, A. M. 2003. The species taxonomy of the
> sauropodomorph dinosaurs from the Lowenstein Formation
> (Norian, Late Triassic) of Germany. _Palaeontology_ 46,
> 317-337.
> This is the published version of Adam's presentation given
> at SVPCA 2002. _Sellosaurus_ is found to encompass two
> distinct taxa: _Efraasia minor_ [_Teratosaurus (?) minor_
> Huene, 1908 is the oldest name given to a representative of
> this taxon - _S. fraasi_ and _Efraasia diagnosticus_ are
> among the junior synonyms],

What about Teratosaurus trossingensis Huene 1908 and Thecodontosaurus
hermannianus Huene 1908, both listed as junior synonyms of Efraasia
diagnostica by Galton (1990)?  Which species are these junior synonyms of?

Mickey Mortimer