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RE: Bitten Ornithopod on This Side Of Hell?

Tim Donovan wrote-
Not only are they present in the Lance they are relatively more abundant there than in the Hell Creek.

Yes, this is something I was not aware. I had thought that Edmontosaurus was limited to one locale in Canada and that Anatotitan was only from Hell Creek. Perhaps I should have referred to Chapman & Brett-Surman 1990, which states that Anatotitan is from the Hell Creek Formation and the holotype came from Moreau River in South Dakota. I was under the impression that the Hell Creek Formation was on the other side of Montana. I apologize to the list for this blunder and thank HP Varner, HP Ford, and HP Donovan for correcting this mistake.

I assumed a hadrosaur because you mentioned evidence of tyrannosaurid attack, and Thescelosaurus was too small to be preferred prey of a tyrannosaur, and maybe too fast. Moreover if an attack occurred it is hard to imagine a tyrannosaur failing to kill a thescelosaur.

But I didn't specify that it was Thescelosaurus either. I don't know what species it is or even what type of ornithopod it is. The specimen in question is not yet published and probably should not be discussed further. I see no reason why a tyrannosaurid could fail to kill a thescelosaur. Prey items do escape their predators at times, even if they are injured.

Nick Gardner
AIM Eoraptor22