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Re: Bitten Ornithopod on This Side Of Hell?

msdonovan66@hotmail.com (Tim Donovan) writes:

<< Nick Gardner wrote:

>No, I don't see why I would mean Edmontosaurus or Anatotitan, particularly 
>since neither hails from Lance Creek, AFAIK.

   Not only are they present in the Lance they are relatively more abundant 
there than in the Hell Creek. >>

       I would really hesitate to say that. To my knowledge, there are no 
accurate databases to support that statement. Or are there? Besides, it's my 
impression that the Hell Creek/Lance exposures are overrun with commercial 
collectors tripping over themselves looking for "T.rexes". I haven't seen 
much published data on biostratigraphy from them lately. Of course, I might 
have missed it. One dealership has been working a large bonebed of 
Edmontosaurs in the Hell Creek of South Dakota for a number of years now. DV