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Re: Another ptero-mama.

At 08:27 AM 29/03/03 +0100, fam jansma wrote:
Using Photoshop 7, there is indeed something there crossing the right leg,
or more correct to say, lying next to it. After enhancing the contrast and
brightness of the specimen, the entire image was put in negative and the
part becomes somewhat distinctive. It are two slender elements which are
seperated from another, though the identification leaves in doubt. On one
hand it could a tail (based on the fact that it is somewhat curved,
unexpected in a wing bone), but it could be a the last wingfinger of the
wing as well. This element is connected to another, more rigid element, so,
given what interpration mentioned above is right, it could be either a
partial dorsal or sacral series or another wingfinger. Are we on the right
track here David?

Well, I loaded the photo into PS 6 and did everything you say, and I have to confess that I can't see a blasted thing (even at high zoom) that I can say with any certainty is more than an irregularity in the rock. I'm hardly an expert, mind you! It might help for David to provide an overlay so we can see what he is talking about.

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