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Re: Good news for Iberomesornis fans???

David Peters wrote-
> I'm sorry I missed it
> earlier, but  I followed previous reports which I assumed
> were factual,
> rather than relying on my number one roadkill rule: if
> it's articulated,
> it's complete.

To which David Marjanovic replied-
Maybe I know a good test of this rule: Could you find the head of
*Iberomesornis*? The rest of the skeleton is wonderfully complete and
articulated, but the head is missing (with the first few cervicals).
might also find gastralia and uncinates, but these, if present, were
probably not ossified in this immature specimen. Feathers are not
impossible either, given the fact that other birds from the same layers
have preserved some.

I agree, if this new method is working wonders for pterosaurs, why don't we test it on non-pterosaur specimens... perhaps one could locate the feet of Sinosauropteryx, the main body of Protarchaeopteryx, etc.

Nick Gardner Paleoartist AIM Eoraptor22