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Re: The question of beaks in simplistic terms

Jaime A. Headden wrote-
I might want to add that many if not all ornithischians, aside
from a prior mentioning of *Edmontosaurus annectens* with premaxillary teeth are
_assumed_ to have a beak on the premaxilla;

Did you actually mean to type, "many if not all ornithischians [...] without premaxillary teeth are _assumed_ to have a beak on the premaxilla"?

  Finally, to illustrate this point, I have always drawn
"hyspilophodontians" with premaxillary beaks, with work stretching back
some few years, including:

  http://qilong.8m.com/Yandusaurus_multidens_head.jpg (dating to the end
of 1997, after I joined the DML)

"Yandusaurus" multidens certainly seems to resemble Agilisaurus, especially in the premaxillary teeth. Wasn't A. suggested at one point to be a VERY basal Marginocephalian? If so, is it possible that "Y" multidens is also another VERY basal Marginocephalian? Or are these type of teeth basal to Cerapoda [= Neornithischia]?

Nick Gardner Paleoartist AIM Eoraptor22

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