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Re: Good news for Iberomesornis fans???

David Marjanovic wrote-

> Maybe I know a good test of this rule: Could you find the head of
> *Iberomesornis*? The rest of the skeleton is wonderfully complete and
> articulated, but the head is missing (with the first few cervicals). You
> might also find gastralia and uncinates, but these, if present, were
> probably not ossified in this immature specimen.

The holotype of Iberomesornis was probably not immature.  Cervical ribs are
fused to their vertebrae, no sutures between neural arches and centra are
indicated, the first four sacrals are fused, the pygostyle is fused, the
sternal ribs are ossified, the sternum is large with elongate posteroventral
processes, the tibiotarsus is completely fused and the metatarsals are fused

Mickey Mortimer