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A Whole Bunch Of Questions

Hi everyone, here's another whole bunch of questions that've been nagging at my subconscious for the past week or so. Here goes:

1) What is the status of the Euhelopodidae? Is it considered basal to the Neosauropoda? And are Euhelopus, Omeisaurus & Mamenchisaurus still considered a monophyletic clade? Would Shunosaurus be considered closely related to, or part of Euhelopodidae?
2) Is Tarascosaurus salluvicus considered an abelisaur?
3) Among the 3 Late Cretaceous European sauropods, Ampelosaurus, Hypselosaurus & Magyarosaurus, which are known to have possessed armour?
4) What's the general consensus of the number of species of Torosaurus & Triceratops: Are there 2 species in each genus, or just 1?
5) How does Styracosaurus ovatus differ from S. albertensis?
6) What is the youngest age for Saurolophus? Did Saurolophus survive until the K-T?
7) Did Charonosaurus really look like a giant Parasaurolophus?
8) What species of Goniopholis is known from the Late Jurassic of North America?
9) Just how many species of phytosaur are known from the late Triassic of North America? I know a great number of them were referred to Rutiodon, but now we have a whole bunch such as Paleorhinus, Nicrosaurus, Pseudopalatus, Leptosuchus, Angistorhinus & Smilosuchus in addition to Rutiodon. Can anyone provide me a clear picture as to how these different phytosaurs differed from each other?

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