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Re: A Whole Bunch Of Questions

On Mon, 31 Mar 2003 05:56:00  
 Tim Donovan wrote:
>Dino Rampage wrote:
>>2) Is Tarascosaurus salluvicus considered an abelisaur?
>   Yes AFAIK.

Hard to say, because the material is scrappy.  Carrano et al. (the big 
_Masiakasaurus_ osteology paper) consider the placement of this genus as an 
abelisauroid as equivocal.  _Genusaurus_, on the other hand, is turning up as 
an abelisauroid in most (or all) analyses that include it.


Stephen Brusatte
Geophysical Sciences
University of Chicago
Dino Land Paleontology-http://www.geocities.com/stegob

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