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Re: A Whole Bunch Of Questions

From: "Dino Rampage"

> 7) Did Charonosaurus really look like a giant Parasaurolophus?

Quite likely, although the _Charonosaurus_ skeletons are far from complete.
Pascal Godefroit (2001) includes a matrix of 34 cranial, dental &
postcranial characters for phylogenic analyses in his paper. The results are
compared for _Iguanodon_, _Bactrosaurus_, _Eolambia_, _Telmatosaurus_,
Hadrosaurinae, _Charonosaurus_, _Parasaurolophus_, _Corythosaurus_,
_Hypacrosaurus_, _Lambeosaurus_ and _Tsintaosaurus_. The result is exactly
the same for _Parasaurolophus_ and _Charonosaurus_.

Pascal GODEFROIT, ZAN Shuqin & JIN Liyong,
The Maastrichtian (Late Cretaceous) lambeosaurine dinosaur Charonosaurus
jiayinensis from north-eastern China;
Sciences de la Terre, 71: 119-168, 2001

The restorations I've done have been peer-reviewed by Pascal Godefroit. The
crest was likely shorter than in _Parasaurolophus_:


Cheers - Aspidel.