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Dinosaurs of the Science Museum of Minnesota

I had a very pleasant surprise waiting for me in the mailbox this morning. 
Long-time curator of paleontology at the Science Museum of Minnesota, Bruce 
Erickson, has just authored _Dinosaurs of the Science Museum of Minnesota: A 
Curator's Notebook_ (ISBN911338-54-3). With about 100 pages in paperback, 
it's crammed with excellent photos and drawings from the museum's extensive 
dinosaur collections. There are also numerous field photos (especially great 
are those taken in the early 1960s in the Hell Creek featuring Bruce and 
Dinosaur Jim Jensen excavating some beautiful Triceratops specimens) and even 
fold-out quarry maps. There's a color reproduction of a Chas.R.Knight 
painting of Stegosaurus that was used as a "cartoon" for a mosaic in the 
reptile house of the U.S.National Zoo that's never been published before. And 
you'll drool over the little juvenile diplodocid skull, too. This is a 
terrific book and very timely as the museum will be hosting this year's SVP 
meeting. I checked with the museum's Explore Store and you can order the book 
by phone at (651) 221-9414. Price is $15.95 + $4.00 shipping. Minnesota 
residents add $1.12 tax. DV