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Re: New tyrannosaurus skeletal drawing

Personally, I'm quite fond of this reconstruction... it is aesthetically
pleasing, and it passes one smell test, at least... the center of mass
appears to pretty near the acetabulum. The skull drawing also seems to
capture the long'n'low profile of Sue very well (doesn't this difference
mean that Sue should be a new genus?). My one quibble with this drawing, and
it is something I am guilty of in my own (much less attractive)
reconstructions: there does not appear to be enough space between the
vertebrae and some of the limb bones for the joint capsules. I know Scott is
stickler for detail, so I expect he will have a good explanation for his
choice. I'm just trying to cause trouble...

Jon (hasn't produced anything worth commenting on in years) Wagner

Jonathan R. Wagner
2625-B Alcott Lane
Austin, TX 78748