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SVP 2004 design contest

The graphics design contest for the 2004 SVP meeting is December 31. The image 
will be used on the brochure and SVP T-shirt. As previously stated, the image 
must fit on a 8.5 x 11" sheet, and must be black and white line art for ease of 
reproduction. The winner gets bragging rights and a copy of the T-shirt. The 
meeting is co-hosted by the Denver Museum of Natural History (now Denver Museum 
of Nature and Science) and the University of Colorado Museum. The design should 
reflect this and 2004 SVP. The 1999 design was of Stegosaurus (Colorado State 
Fossil) and SVP. Please send your design to me (address below).

Kenneth Carpenter, Ph.D.
Curator of Lower Vertebrate Paleontology &
Chief Preparator
Dept. of Earth Sciences
Denver Museum of Natural History 
2001 Colorado Blvd.
Denver, CO 80205

Phone: (303)370-6392
Fax: (303)331-6492
email: KCarpenter@DMNS.org

For fun: