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Obscure W. E. Cutler article needed

Hi all,

As some of you may be aware, since 1997 Darren Tanke of the Royal Tyrrell Museum has been relocating lost old dinosaur quarries in Dinosaur Provincial Park, Alberta. This fall he believed he relocated William E. Cutler's lost 1914 _Scolosaurus_ quarry. Cutler published an article in an obscure popular journal in 1922 that Darren believes shows this site, but his copy of this article is a 5th generation xerox and the picture is too vague for confirmation. He hopes someone on the mailing list has an original copy or a good photocopy of the Cutler article and can send him scans or a better photocopy. Attempts at interlibrary loans have failed so he throws this request to the group. The citation is as follows:

Cutler, W.E. 1922. The Badlands of Alberta. The Canadian Illustrated Monthly. January. Pp. 19-25, 50-51.

Maybe you can help solve a mystery! If you can help, please email Darren at: darren.tanke@gov.ab.ca

Thanks and have fun!


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Patty Ralrick
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