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Mayr et al. and "higher land birds"

The following article is now online, and was alluded to earlier this year

The site is:

Mayr, G., A. Manegold & U.S. Johansson. 2003. Monophyletic groups within
'higher land birds'- comparison of morphological and molecular data. Journal
of Zoological Systematics & Evolutionary Research 41(4): 233-248.


The relationships within the 'higher land birds' and putatively related taxa
are analysed in a study using 89 morphological characters and DNA sequences
of three nuclear, protein-coding genes, c-myc, RAG-1, and myoglobin intron
II. Separate analyses of the different data sets and a 'total evidence'
analysis in which the data sets of the morphological and molecular analyses
were combined are compared. All three analyses support the hitherto disputed
sister group relationship between Pici (Ramphastidae, Indicatoridae and
Picidae) and Galbulae (Galbulidae and Bucconidae). Previously unrecognized
osteological synapomorphies of this clade are presented. All analyses
further resulted in monophyly of the taxon [Aegothelidae +
(Apodidae/Hemiprocnidae + Trochilidae)]. Analysis of the morphological data
and of the combined data set also supported monophyly of the taxon
[Strigiformes + (Falconidae + Accipitridae)]. The morphological data further
support monophyly of the taxon (Upupidae + Bucerotidae). Other placements in
the three analyses received either no or only weak bootstrap support.


None of the aquatic neoavians (sea birds or wading birds) are included here,
which is unfortunate, as at least some of these have been allied to various
taxa included here.

Another drawback of this analysis is that the OTUs are generally families,
even though many individual taxa within each were examined separately (as
shown in the text).  Would be nice to see this redone as a genus/species
level OTU study.

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