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Re: Multiple new pterosaurs

In a review of pterosaur phylogeny, Kellner proposes the
new names Asiaticognathidae (_Batrachognathus_ +

OK, time to dust off the ICZN rule book and indulge in some nomenclatural nit-picking....

Umm... doesn't the name Asiatognathidae require that there already be an _Asiatognathus_? (there isn't, AFAIK.) The thing is, the -idae ending implies that this is a family-level taxon, and thus must be derived from an included genus. Ditto for Novialoidea, which must be treated as a superfamily based on its -oidea suffix, irrespective of its intended designation. (I would guess Novialoidea means "new winged forms", or some such.)

On the subject of pterosaurs, there was an article all about
Dave Peters' SVP presentation in The Times' Higher
Education Supplement last week. Without spilling the
beans, I will say that it took a somewhat err, critical, view of
Dave's research.

You could have bowled me over with a feather....


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