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Re: Oviraptor nest question

Michael Lovejoy wrote-

> I remember reading some time ago that two baby dromaeosaur skulls had been
> found in the nest of an oviraptor. I think they were later found to be
> troodontid. Does anyone know if these skulls are figured anywhere?

Norell, Clark, Dashzeveg, Barsbold, Chiappe, Davidson, McKenna and Novacek,
1994. A theropod dinosaur embryo, and the affinities of the Flaming Cliffs
dinosaur eggs. Science 266: 779-782.

Originally referred to Velociraptor, later said to be troodontid (Norell and
Makovicky, 1999; to be published in Norell et al., submitted).  The tooth
morphology has led to unpublished referrals to Byronosaurus.

Mickey Mortimer