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Re: A new "Revolution" installment.

David Marjanovic wrote-

> I just wonder why you painted "Archaeoraptor" instead of
> *Yanornis* -- which belongs to Euornithes, had a short tail with a short
> pygostyle and most probably had alulae.

I wonder the same thing.  Yanornis also has a longer beak, and more
disparity between the length of fingers I and II.  In general, I would
expect it to be more of a shorebird.
As for Caudipteryx, Gatesy (2001) has made the logical suggestion
Caudipteryx had only twelve retrices, six on each side.  This would match
the number per caudal vertebra seen in Archaeopteryx, and the illusion of
twenty-two would be due to overlap of both sides.
Shenzhouraptor/Jeholornis has distally restricted retrices like Caudipteryx
and Microraptor (Zhou and Zhang, 2003), not the Archaeopteryx-like
arrangement you show.  The skull is also more robust than shown.
The artwork quality itself is excellent as usual however.

Mickey Mortimer