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Re: New tyrannosaurus skeletal drawing

Dan asked,

>        Just curious, JRW, how do you get past the original Acme Anvil Co.,
> Wile E. Coyote, blow-to-the-head scrunching (dorsoventrally) of the
> state of the skull in order to make this observation? I ask because I've
tried to
> undo the distortions in many such instances over time, and it seems like
> as much as science, or even more so. Your humble servant, DV.

    The flip answer: I am a systematist. As a systematist, I am expected to
reveal God's devine plan for His Creation. I must therefore know said plan.
And I do.

    The real answer... From my look at a cast, and comparison with the
published figures, I feel that the reconstruction of the skull being used by
the Field Museum is  reasonable with respect to the proportions of the
maxilla. The maxilla is all I care about, and I'm pretty comfortable with it
being "long-n-low" as I stated. The maxilla is all that matters... to me,
anyway. But, yeah, putting the whole thing back together is an art, and
probably always will be.

    Some reason I'm being put to the question, O Humble Dan?