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Looking for Reference Works

Dear DMLers,

There are two books (or maybe papers) I'd dearly like to own if
anyone's ever put them together.  They would be invaluable for all
sorts of studies.  I'll briefly describe them, and if anyone knows
whether they exist you can let me know.  I'll summarise on-list.

First one, a table of body-part measurements and masses for various
animals.  I'm talking about a book where, when I want to know the
length of a weasel forelimb, the diameter of a water buffalo's belly
or the mass a heron's neck, I can just look it up.

Second one, a set of X-rays of various animals' necks, ideally showing
the extent of soft tissue as well as the morphology of the cervical

If anyone knows of books or papers like either of these, please let me

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