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Re: New tyrannosaurus skeletal drawing

jonathan.r.wagner@mail.utexas.edu (Jonathan R. Wagner) asks:

   << Some reason I'm being put to the question, O Humble Dan? >>

      No, just an interested but gentle jerk of the old chain, my dear JRW. 
No agendas. Having worked for a number of years with specimens from the Sharon 
Springs Member of the Pierre Shale, I find deformed fossils fascinating. I'm 
always interested in how they look "corrected" and how those decisions are 
arrived at.
       As an aside, I was surprised at how rapidly these effects can occur. I 
once helped disinter a bison that had been buried at Wind Cave Nat'l Park for 
ten years (the grad students took off when we got to the bright green parts). 
The skull was already showing shear ALA the AMNH Tyrannosaurus skull. OHD