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Re: SVP thoughts, better late than never

Dear DML,

Having attended my first SVP, I returned to school life to find midterms
and a pile of work under which I still remain buried.  Despite that, I want
to share some thoughts on what I experienced three weeks ago.

My entire life has been spent with dinosaurs as a major theme in my
learning, hobbies, and art.  From my first book to my current library (and
subscription to this here DML), I have read and re-read various works by
famous writers and thinkers in paleontology.  More pivotally, I have
studied in detail the artistic wonders produced by a great many people who
are all infatuated with dinosaurs.  No less than my very Self has been
affected and influenced by these works and minds.

And at SVP, I met them.  I discussed research with amazing paleontologists,
shared ideas with brilliant students, waxed eloquent with skeptical
philosophers, explored atrwork with creative geniuses, and most
importantly, shared stories with people who, like myself, are just curious
about the world.

To make a long story short, all I can do is say, "Thank you."  Thank you to
those scientists and artists, and friends, who made SVP great.

To all who have inspired me: Thank you.


Demetrios Vital