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Re: Coelophysis cast

G'day all,

I am participating in recreating a Coelophysis exhibit in the Geology
Department at my University (MN).  THe exhibit features a cast of
Coelophysis, the typical, widely distributed specimen from the New Mexico
quarry of an adult whose neck is twisted backwards with the remains of a
juvenile in its thoracic area, pictured here:
http://dino.lm.com/images/display.php?id=651 .  The cast here in MN,
however, is very poorly painted and is rather, well, ugly.  

I'm curious what the original colors of the specimen would have been and in
what sediment it was preserved, in order to re-paint it as accurately as
possible.  Also, if anyone has any high-res pictures of the original, or at
least of a well-painted cast, I would appreciate them, seeing as the cast
here in MN is so poorly painted that some of the "bones" are not bones and
some of the bones cannot be seen properly because they are painted as if
they were sediment.

Thanks for all your help, folks!

- Demetrios Vital