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Re: The bigger they were...

Kinda makes one wonder what horrific parasites were around back then.  Being 
that some animals seem to have gone through a "giant" phase back then, one must 
wonder if parasites were doing the same thing.  
     When sperm whales were buthchered aboard ships, they'd often contain 
roundworms as long as a man.  There was an instance I read about where one 
sperm whale's stomach contained a hundred pounds of nematodes.  
     If dragonflies had 3 foot wingspans, whay were THEY eating--mosquitoes 
with six inch wingspans?  I would assume that an animal that grew in excess of 
40 tons had somewhat think skin.  One would think that it too a significant 
mechanisim to penetrate that skin, even in thinner areas.  There must have been 
some hidieous bloodsuckers flying around, and some really massive ticks.  So, 
anyone ever find some nice, silver-dollar sized ticks?

Eric A