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The Times and the Vampire

A few opinions from the experts, for those of us who don't get the Times:

David Peters
St. Louis

Copyright 2003 TSL Education Limited  
The Times Higher Education Supplement

October 17, 2003

SECTION: No.1611; Pg.60

LENGTH: 381 words

HEADLINE: Experts Dismiss Vampire Reptile Claim

BYLINE: Steve Farrar


academic pterosaur experts are united in dismissing his claims.

Christopher Bennett, assistant professor at the University of Bridgeport, has 
devoted a web page to debunking Mr Peters' technique. He said he was surprised 
to learn that the vampire research would feature at the SVP. "He has undermined 
his credibility and has nothing useful to contribute to the discussion," 
Professor Bennett said.

Dave Martill, reader in palaeobiology at Portsmouth University, said: "I cannot 
see any of the new things he is finding in his photographs. In my opinion, he 
is inadvertently creating artefacts that he then interprets as morphological 

David Unwin, curator for fossil reptiles and birds at Humboldt University, 
Berlin, added: "The functional explanations of vampirism he puts forward in the 
abstract are so flimsy that they barely stand up under their own weight."