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RE: ornithomimosaur distribution

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> Demetrios M. Vital
> Dear List,
> Are there any ornithomimosaur remains coincident with dromeosaur
> remains in
> North America?  According to the Old Dinosauricon, there are possible
> Ornithomimid remains from the Aptian-Albian of Alberta, which would be
> great, because they would then be neighbors with _Deinonychus
> antirrhopus_,
> but since they are lsited as "O" sp., I am guessing that they are
> misplaced
> taxonomically.

Ornithomimosaurs and dromaeosaurids are both present in the Late Cretaceous
of western North America (Hell Creek, Horseshoe Canyon, Dinosaur Park, and
other Formations). They are both found at Ukhaa Tolgod in Mongolia.

As for the Aptian-Albian North American material (from Montana, too): these
need to be restudied to see if they are really ornithomimosaur.

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