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Re: ornithomimosaur distribution

Demetrios M. Vital wrote-

> Are there any ornithomimosaur remains coincident with dromeosaur remains
> North America?

* A few notes:
The Dromaeosauridae as used here and by most authors is a larger clade than
the strictly defined Dromaeosauridae (MRCA of Dromaeosaurus and
Velociraptor).  It also contains taxa like Bambiraptor which are not
The Dromaeosaurinae as used here and by most authors contains Dromaeosaurus
and many teeth from a wide variety of locations and times that share the
same general morphology.  It's very possible isolated teeth referred to
Dromaeosaurus actually belong to different genera, especially if found far
away spatiotemporally.
The Velociraptorinae as used here and by most authors contains dromaeosaurs
with what seem to be plesiomorphic dental characters.  Non-dromaeosaurids
like Bambiraptor also have "velociraptorine" teeth for instance.  And some
taxa with velociraptorine-type teeth (eg. Deinonychus) may actually be
dromaeosaurines.  Finally, Saurornitholestes is only known for certain from
the Dinosaur Park Formation.  Most other material is referred to it consists
of velociraptorine-type teeth, which are referred because for a long time
Saurornitholestes was the only Late Cretaceous North American
"velociraptorine" known.  New discoveries like Bambiraptor and the
short-snouted Horseshoe Canyon taxon show such referrals may have been

Arundel Formation
- unpublished possible ornithomimosaur (Lipka, DML)
- Deinonychus?, "Coelurus" gracilis
Upper Cedar Mountain Formation
- undescribed possible ornithimimid (Kirkland et al., 1998)
- undescribed "Dromaeosaurinae", undescribed "Velociraptorinae" (Kirkland et
al., 1998)
Milk River Formation
- undescribed Ornithimimidae (Ryan and Russell, 2001)
- Saurornitholestes (Ryan and Russell, 2001)
El Gallo Formation
- undescribed Ornithomimidae
- undescribed "velociraptorine" (Rodriguez, 1999)
Ripley Formation
- undescribed Ornithomimidae (Fix and Darrough, 2001)
- undescribed Dromaeosauridae (Fix and Darrough, 2001)
Cerro del Pueblo Formation
- undescribed Ornithomimidae
- undescribed dromaeosaurid (Rodriguez de la Rosa 1996)
Fruitland Formation
- Struthiomimus?
- undescribed "dromaeosaurine" (Kirkland et al., 1998)
Dinosaur Park Formation
- Struthiomimus, Ornithomimus, Dromiceiomimus
- Saurornitholestes, Dromaeosaurus
Kaiparowitz and Mesaverde Formations
- Struthiomimus?, Ornithomimus
- undescribed "Velociraptorinae", undescribed "Dromaeosaurinae"
Upper Two Medicine Formation
- undescribed ornithomimid (Trexler, 2001)
- Bambiraptor, Saurornitholestes?
Horseshoe Canyon Formation
- Struthiomimus, Ornithomimus, Dromiceiomimus
- Dromaeosaurus, Saurornitholes?, undescribed dromaeosaur (Currie and
Varricchio, 2000)
St. Mary River Formation
- undescribed Ornithomimidae (Ryan and Russell, 2001)
- undescribed Dromaeosauridae
Kirtland Formation
- Struthiomimus?, Ornithomimus
- undescribed "Dromaeosaurinae"
Frenchman Formation
- Struthiomimus
- Dromaeosaurus, Saurornitholestes?
Hell Creek Formation
- Struthiomimus?, "Orcomimus"
- Dromaeosaurus, Saurornitholestes?
Lance Formation
- Ornithomimus? sedens
- Dromaeosaurus, Saurornitholestes?
Scollard Formation
- undescribed Ornithomimidae (Ryan and Russell, 2001)
- Dromaeosaurus, Saurornitholestes?

> Which leads me to the next question: are there any resources which list
> taxa temporally and geographically?

The Dinosauria (Weishampel et al., 1991), though it's a bit outdated.

Mickey Mortimer