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RE: Shenzhouraptor: citation correction for Chinese names

Subject:Re: Shenzhoursaurus, correction to Chinese names

From:Ben Creisler bh480@scn.org

Apologies for a mistake in the citation for Shenzhousaurus. The version I
sent my mistake had the Chinese names reversed (ouch!) because of the
original used Western style name order. My mistake. The correction citation

Ji Q., M.A. Norell, P.J. Makovicky, Gao K. , Ji S., Yuan C., 
2003. An early ostrich dinosaur and implications for ornithomimosaur
American Museum Novitates 3420:1-19 

Shenzhousaurus Ji Q., Norell, Makovicky, Gao, Ji S., Yuan, 2003.

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