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re: Dodos, Swifts and Quetzalcoatlus.

James R. Cunningham wrote: "Are you sure they were similar to a swift?" and
the answer is not now I've seen the picture you sent! From that angle the
radius/ulna end is markedly different. Still looks massively powerful,

David Peters' comments made sense, too. I guess you need to look at the
whole anatomy rather than just compare parts!

Pete Buchholz wrote: "I suspect the steep hips and horizontal femur in
reconstructions may be a result of sketches by European eye-witnesses.  I
could be wrong;"

I hate to say it, but I think you are! Go here:

At the bottom of the page is about the only surviving drawings made from
live specimens in their natural environment. Might just be the way I see
them, of course!
Michael Lovejoy