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Re: Eudimorphodon workshop (not so) short report

At 08.18 10/11/2003 -0800, Jim Cunningham wrote:
Thanks for the report, Silvio.
What is a low loading ratio?
All the best,

I suppose it is a side effect of the lack of a decent breakfast and two hours of train to get to the office. Indeed I was meaning LOW WING LOADING. According to Chris The anurognathids had a low wing loading which may have permitted, among other factors a somewhat slower flying speed and the less stiff articulation between wing phalanges may have allowed more manoeuvrability, useful for sudden turns and changes of direction to pursue and catch insects on wings.
I post this reply on the entire list to make it clear, in the hope that I haven't irrevocably made a fool of myself forever.
Apologies, excuse moi, mi escusas, scusate, ... (I don't know how to say it in German, sorry).

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