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Re: got paleoart?

I must've missed that one. Yeah John Conway is great, but it would be nice 
if some OTHER great paleoartist who also happens to enjoy reconstructing 
pterosaurs [oh I don't know like....er..... David Peters] would construct 
[or maybe reconstruct?] a website devoted to his artwork. ;p

I can dream though.

But I think everyone should take a look at searching on ALLTHEWEB.com which 
usually has a lot more [image*] search results than google. Although there 
is the problem that they don't show you the direct link to whichever website 
the image comes from.

Does anybody know exactly which dinosaurs are going to be in 'Dinosaur 
Planet'? The discovery channel's website seems to be tight-lipped about it, 
but I did see an abelisaur, titanosaur, velociraptor, and protoceratops and 
an assortment of others. I would assume they won't all be presented in the 
same time and place, though.
But if it was a Jeff Corwin special they would pit the abelisaur against the 
velociraptor and then see which one ran more like a collared-lizard.

Hopefully the animation will be better than WhenDinosRoamedAmerica, and 
especially better than that hideous Jeff Corwin show[blech!].

But about the [as far as I know, which isn't much] unnamed artist, I'm 
surprised that he has not been exploited by western publishers, as his 
artwork shows great aesthetic and anatomical skill.

Best wishes,

Mark Foster

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