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RE: Sea Monsters (& some other random rants)

I guess in my side of the planet, we won't get to watch this series so soon, so my judgements are based on the website...

Yah, like what other members on the list have pointed out, there are some (ahem) glaring inaccuracies on the so-called "fact-files"... Coelophysis as coelurosaur... Elasmosaurus the dinosaur... Tanystropheus being capable of autotomy (not sure whether it's the correct spelling)...

And why didn't they assign the giant mosasaur a specific name like Hainosaurus,Tylosaurus or Mosasaurus? Seems so much simpler to me (unless they were spoilt for choice ha ha)

And egad! How I wish they'd featured that 'other' giant ichthyosaur, Shonisaurus, or even that giant Temnodontosaurus reported a while back...

One more thing I pointed out: In the large view of Hesperornis, the legs seem so painfully twisted! I don't think that the legs could articulate this way... Any comments? (My image of Hesperornis on land would be to have its legs sticking out to the rear uselessly just like the hind flippers of true seals... not bent at such an angle that the feet are still flat on the ground... besides I think the feet weren't of much use on land)

Personally in my opinion, yes I agree that the standards of the "Walking With" series has declined... Beasts was still pretty good (except that they sided too much with the 'chill" hypothesis when explaining the Ice Age extinctions) I didn't watch Walking With Cavemen (paleoanthropology just isn't really my cup of tea and besides, this field is just a tad too controversial for me)

I did catch the two Giant Claw and Land of Giants programmes, which were pretty good (though WHY no feathered Velociraptors, Mononykus & Therizinosaurus???) Ballad of Big Al was alright but too short for my liking... And didn't feature enough of the whole variety of Morrison fauna... (where's the Ceratosaurs, Torvosaurs, Brachiosaurs, Camarasaurs and Ankylosaurs???)

Yet despite all their shortcomings, these BBC productions are leagues ahead when I compare them with other wannabe prehistoric life productions like "Prehistoric Earth" (god-awful animations of Megantereon, bison & megaloceros), the passive mammoths in What Killed the Mega-Beasts? (Yup, visualise an adult woolly mammoth standing passively and wailing in pain while puny humans fling spears at it) Or what about that horrible Jeff Corwin special they did recently (aaaaargh... somebody please kill that guy!)

For my rant against that Giants programme hosted by Jeff Corwin, read my old rant at http://www.cmnh.org/dinoarch/2003Jul/msg00136.html

Back to lurking...

P.S What's so wrong about When Dinosaurs Roamed America? I don't really see what's so bad about it. True, maybe they were a bit too noisy, and the sauropods' feet were pretty ugly, I can't really pinpoint anything really bad about it.

P.S Just watched Ice Age for the first time, gave my sister a crash course on Ice Age megafauna, and hung my head in sorrow when they featured brontotheres (in the Pleistocene???) & called them "rhinos". Scratched my head as to what a herd of Macrauchenia & Doedicurus was doing in Pleistocene North America, as well as to whether the sabre-tooths were Smilodon fatalis or populator (haha yup nitpicking again) (Liked the joke about that flying glyptodont's "evolutionary breakthrough")
And what? No dire wolves? short-faced bears? giant bison? american lions/ cheetahs??? or teratorns or camels or mastodon???

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