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RE: Sea Monsters (& some other random rants)

>P.S Just watched Ice Age for the first time, gave 
>my sister a crash course 
>on Ice Age megafauna, and hung my head in sorrow 
>when they featured 
>brontotheres (in the Pleistocene???) & called 
>them "rhinos". Scratched my 
>head as to what a herd of Macrauchenia & 
>Doedicurus was doing in Pleistocene 
>North America, as well as to whether the 
>sabre-tooths were Smilodon fatalis 
>or populator (haha yup nitpicking again) (Liked 
>the joke about that flying 
>glyptodont's "evolutionary breakthrough")
>And what? No dire wolves? short-faced bears? 
>giant bison? american lions/ 
>cheetahs??? or teratorns or camels or mastodon???

Could also ask why they encountered Dodos, and why
they were able to pass Stonehenge, although the joke
in the short film included with the Video and DVD
about the cause of Continental drift was very good (An
Acorn falling from a great height cracked the Earths
crust, for those of you who prefered Disneys Dinosaur
[if you exist!])

Simon M. Clabby

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