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Re: Sea Monsters

From: "Thomas R. Holtz, Jr."

> As I mentioned on VRTPALEO: "Coelurosaur" does NOT equal "Coelophysis"!!

(delurking a tad)
Meh, they've just recycled they _Coelophysis_ model, by eventually removing
1 hand finger: they're probably thinking common people won't notice the flaw
anyway, and preventing from building a new model is far less cheaper! Also,
some filaments on a small coelurosaur would have been fine on it IMHO.

They did the same thing a while ago for their _Saurolophus_: they only
worked a bit on their _Anatotitan_ model, for the same reasons:
Also, _Saurolophus_ had no thumb.

My two cents - Aspidel.