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Re: help

Dr. Holtz wrote:
> Please note, however, that that is almost all fantasy (although quite a
good one).<
Thanks! I did try my best, and it's a far step above my _old_
And of course he is 101% correct in asserting that its more interpretation
(lose interpretation, for a good portion of it) than bones. Somewhere on my
computer I have some photos of the skull material (they were on the net
someplace, but I have been unable to relocate them there). I may upload them
to my site and  post the link here, so if anyone is interested in seeing
what is really there, they'll be able to.
That's all there is to the story at the moment!

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 Labocania is VERY VERY scrappy material, so that image is based on a
> little bit real and a lotta bit interpolation.
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