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Re: Dodos, Swifts and Quetzalcoatlus.

Graydon wrote:
> Personally, I think slightly larger ones may
> > well be found.
> Willing to opine on what the biomechanical upper limits to their size
> might have been?

Without doing numbers first, just sort of looking at the relative
robustness with varying wingspan, I'd begin to look askance at claims of
wingspans more than about 13 meters.  I'd not say such spans would be
impossible, but I'd want to look very carefully at how they were

> It's very cool as an image, the enormous flying thing leaping lightly
> into the air, rather than lumbering airborne like a swan.

It's not exactly a light leap, but does appear to be rather smooth and
with load factors similar to those resulting from normal flight
processes (though with somewhat different orientations).