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Re: up Pompeii

An abstract at the St. Paul SVP meeting claimed to have found a body cast of one of the Yixian formation birds, as if some of those deposits were formed by similar eruptions. I don't remember the lead author, but I believe Larry Martin was a coauthor. (I didn't get to the meeting.) -- Jeff Hecht

At 10:01 AM +0000 11/13/03, Christian Darkin wrote:
I just went on a visit to the buried city of Pompeii.  It occurred to me
that in my limited understanding, there wasn't actually anything all
that special about the nature of the eruption that covered the city, and
that the reason we remember it is purely because there was a city there.

It occurred to me that there must be thousands of sites around the world
where prehistoric eruptions of this type took place, and where preserved
casts of whole animals might be made in the same way that those of
people in Pompeii were created (i.e. bodies being covered in volcanic
dust which solidified into rock before the bodies rotted away leaving

Apparently something similar happened to the bird/dinosaurs in China.

It just seems surprising that the search for dinosaur Pompeiis aren't
well publicised - potential sites ought to exist given the data which
I'm assuming exists about the history of eruptions, and the rather
obvious geographical signs of volcanoes.

Sounds like this kind of search would be just the stuff that popular
science programmes and magazine articles would love to get hold of...
they'd be so monumental if discovered.

That's just me talking as a journalist...