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Re: up Pompeii

Another great site that contains many such molds and fossils is the Ashfall
Nebraska site.
http://www-museum.unl.edu/ashfall/  Just Google "Ashfall" for numerous web


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> At 05:01 AM 13/11/03, Christian Darkin wrote:
> >It occurred to me that there must be thousands of sites around the world
> >where prehistoric eruptions of this type took place, and where preserved
> >casts of whole animals might be made in the same way that those of
> >people in Pompeii were created (i.e. bodies being covered in volcanic
> >dust which solidified into rock before the bodies rotted away leaving
> >cavities).
> There is a famous example of a mold of an early rhinoceros (Diceratherium)
> found near Spokane, Washington, and since adopted (I believe) as the
> state's official fossil.  A search on "Blue Lake Rhino" will turn up some
> pictures.
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