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Carcass decay looks like Feathers * Prints found near Tumbler Ridge * Supporters protest new Supervisor * Doctors Give Dinosaur CAT Scan

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**  Doctors Give Dinosaur CAT Scan
Paleontologist Robert Bakker said the scanned images make the skull look
like a medieval dragon with horns

**  Father, child claim dinosaur find
Euless residents Art Sahlstein and his daughter, Olivia, told news media
then that Olivia discovered bone fragments before anthropology junior Phil
Kirchhoff and digging partner Bill Walker did

**  Dinosaur Expedition 2003 Brings Scientific Discovery Onto the Web, Into
the Classroom
Online visitors from around the world - averaging 27,000 each week - can
experience venomous snakes, malfunctioning land rovers and exhilarating
discoveries along with Sereno's crew

**  Feature Site: Graduate programmes in Vertebrate Paleontology
A list of graduate programmes for those considering such a career


**  Carcass' decay looks like feathers
Theagarten "Solly" Lingham-Soliar, a paleontologist at the University of
Durban-Westville in South Africa, presents photographic evidence that the
feathery fossilized material some call "dino fuzz" easily could have been
the preserved decay of dinosaur connective tissue

**  Dinosaur fossil becomes issue of ownership
University of Nebraska State Museum officials will meet this week with
representatives of Nebraska's Santee Sioux tribe to resolve a dispute over
the ownership of a plesiosaur fossil excavated in May of this year

**  Dinosaur prints found near Tumbler Ridge
The discovery of two sets of 100-million-year-old footprints leads experts
to believe there may be more in the area

**  Dinosaur Park supporters protest new supervisor
They claimed Enkler's hiring was "fishy," and brought along cans of sardines
to illustrate their point

**  Rare fossil discovery threatened by federal law
Just as the discovery is gaining international acclaim, laws intended to
protect the environment may force the mine's owner to begin bulldozing and
dynamiting the 35-acre site by Christmas

**  The countdown has begun. In less than six months, the doors will open
and the Cretaceous world will await you

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