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Re: Carcass decay looks like Feathers * Prints found near Tumbler Ridge * Supporters protest new Supervisor * Doctors Give Dinosaur CAT Scan

> Date: Fri, 14 Nov 2003 10:57:18 +0100
> From: "Aspidel" <aspidel@wanadoo.be>
> > **  Rare fossil discovery threatened by federal law
> > Just as the discovery is gaining international acclaim, laws
> > intended to protect the environment may force the mine's owner to
> > begin bulldozing and dynamiting the 35-acre site by Christmas
> Meh, what a lack of common sense! In the case of such important
> remains, one should allow to wait a bit before bulldozing the site,
> till the dig is finished! What a pity...

It's a very stupid situation.  There are laws in place, for good
reason, that say whatever a strip-mining company does to the
environment, it must undo to the best of its ability when it's
finished working the site.  In this case, of course, there are good
reasons why it shouldn't be done, but the mining company is in the
awful position that if it doesn't fulfil its legal obligation to
bulldoze the site, it could lose its licence and have to shut down, so
that a lot of people would lose their jobs.  Apparently the only way
an exception can be made to the environmental law is if comes down all
the way from congress, which is asking a lot.  I'm not hopeful.

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