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BBC Tyranno show

Like Ken, I had fun doing the recent BBC shoot for the upcoming
Horizon/Nova show.  We shot at a Chicago Beach on Lake Michigan, so if
my stuff survives the final cut, you'll get to see my handsome profile
against the Chicago skyline, with the lake in between.  Establishing
shots, don't you know.  And I got to chase sea gulls.  Amazing where an
Ivy League degree will take you.

We also shot in the Herpetology section of the Field Museum, with
lights picking up highlights of pickled specimens in the background.  If
this scene makes it into the final program, look closely at the croc
skulls on the table in front of me.  The BBC folks stuck itty bitty
Christmas lights inside them, to make them light up in a dramatic

And they filmed me pushing a cart of croc and varanid skulls through
corridors of the herp collection--much like Ken and his cores.  

But I got to stay two nights at a fancy Chicago hotel, and eat in
restaurants I ordinarily couldn't afford, so I've no complaints. 
Besides, this BBC crew actually had folks with real zoology degrees
running things.  Much classier than a lot of the morons I've done shoots

Oops, probably shouldn't have said the last thing.  No doubt I'll never
work in this town again.