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fighting the good fight

i looked in the archives of the list and didnt
see that anyone else had posted this, but anyone
interested in the whoel creationsim issue might
want to look at at this newsgroup or at least its

group on google


the groups webpage (written from the scientific

and for the creationsist perspective, there is 
www.trueorigins.org or maybe its .com, i havent
been to that site very much.

i had gotten into a discussion about this with
some freinds of mine, we were in manhattan in
traffic of course and the car infront of us had a
jesus fish with the word truth written in it
gobbling up a legged darwin fish.  i was
complaining about it and my  freind were like,
why be concerned about it, let 'em beleive what
they want.  and that is all well and good xcept
for when they get onto state school boards and
try to have their particular interpretation of
the bible taught in public schools.  whatever
ones opinio of volatile issues as schools
vouchers or the nature of scienctific knowledege
is i dont think there can be much arguement about
a political movement to evangelize students in
public schools to any religion.  
anyway, the talkorigins site is a great resource
and the group  has postings from all points in
the creation-evolution spectrum, very interesting
and often enligthening, even if you are firmly
ensconced in the "evolution camp".

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