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Re: fighting the good fight

PEople's faith can be whatever they want it to be.  It certainly takes FAITH to 
believe that there is a God, and that he is omnipotent in all ways.  It also 
takes a degree of faith to believe in the evolutionary process, althou, 
scientifically speaking, there is actually EVIDENCE of the process.

     You can believe in creationism and evolution, both to certain degrees.  
However, I have seen way to many young earth creationinsts using faulty data to 
"support" their views with "scientific" evidence.  

     If you believe that God created everything, but choose to ignore evidence 
of how he did it, and assume that it just "happened"(come to think of it, god 
has pretty much abandoned that style in recent years in favor of a more 
"scientific, natural" method, hasn't he?)like you WANT to believe, fine.  No 
problem with that.  

The problem is the people that will brain wash young people into believing that 
the two CANNOT co-exist.  There are people on campus(crazy-religious groups) 
that will LIE about things, and falsify scientific claims to push creationisim. 

We have thses guys--brickyard preachers--that come and yell and scream, all the 
while making up things about science.  This one guy "refuted" evolution with 
this revelation:  "evolution can't happen.  Evolutionists say that if given 
time, a bird can become a woodpecker by banging its head against a tree.  Well, 
I know that can't happen, cause a bird will die if it bangs its head agaist a 
tree!"  or better yet..."I know evolution is false, because it is not the 
TRUTH.  and I know I am right, because I know the truth."

Great, huh? 

Maybe if they'd bother to study it, and understand the science, they wouldn't 
have to LIE about it.