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T-Rex skeleton reference close-up photographs needed


I am from Europe (Croatia) and there are no T-Rex skeletons to be
seen on display in local museums. That's why I am asking you for help
this way.

Recently I have purchased 1/12 T-Rex skeleton resin model kit. As I am
planing to put it together in the following weeks, I would need as many
photographs as a refernce, showing details of a T-Rex skeletons in
Could somebody give me some hints about URL with such photographs, or
bettere, e-mail me "walk around" close-up pictures of full size
T-Rex skeleton ? Photographs should show as many different angles of as
skeleton parts as possible.
That would be very helpful, so I could correctly place and position all
those parts that T-Rex skeleton kit contains. Also, I could add some
more details if
I would have reference photographs. That way I could get the most out of

that very impressive T-Rex skeleton kit.

Also, when I finish it, I am going to put it on display at local
museum, so it is of a prime importance that T-Rex  skeleton looks as
accurate as possible.
I was looking for such close-up photographs on the web, but in vain.

Many thanks in advance,