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Re: T-Rex skeleton reference close-up photographs needed

Zeljko Hanich wrote:

> > Recently I have purchased 1/12 T-Rex skeleton resin model kit. As I am 
> > planing to put it together in the following weeks, I would need as many 
> > close-up photographs as a refernce, showing details of a T-Rex skeletons in 
> > museums. <<

I have quite a few closeups from multiple rexes including the Type, the Wankle, 
SUE, and AMNH5027. They are from just about every single angle you can think 
of. Close ups of all the verts, ribs, hips, legs, arms, chest, skull, etc... 
You can see formania, sutures, muscle scars... You name it. I have crappy 
resolution ones up on my websites:


That there is a cast of AMNH5027 at Denver's natural history museum. The link 
to *The Carnegie Giants* has some of the Wankle and Type. If you want, I'll 
e-mail you a whole bunch of the photos.