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Re: Note to Plesiosaur Artists

Dan stated: "that are showing the same error."  But did not state what the 
error is. So I ask again, what error? Since I described most of the known 
polycotylid skulls (including the Hays specimen; 1996, A review of short-necked 
pleisoaurs from the Cretaceous of the Western Interior, North Ameriva; Neues 
Jahrbuch fur Geologie und Palaeontologie, v. 201: 259-287), I am curious what 
the error is.

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For fun:

>>> <Danvarner@aol.com> 17/Nov/03 >>>
KCarpenter@dmns.org (Ken Carpenter) asks:

  << so, what is this error you are hinting at? >>

       I wasn't "hinting" at anything. I thought I was quite explicit. DV